1st Wushu Stars Championships 2020 – Online

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With the vision to unite the Wushu community, “Wushu Stars” was founded in 2012 to provide opportunities for Wushu enthusiasts across the world to interact and share their Wushu experiences. “Wushu Stars” aims to promote the Chinese martial arts through various channels so that this cultural art and sport will continue to be practised and appreciated across generations. 

The 1st Wushu Stars Championships 2020 was scheduled to be held in Singapore on December but the recent COVID-19 pandemic has prevented this physical competition from happening. Hence, the organising committee has decided to bring the competition online so that Wushu practitioners across the world can continue to participate in this much anticipated global event. 

The 1st Wushu Stars Championships 2020 – Online will feature events from contemporary and traditional Wushu. Participants and organisations may participate by registering and submitting their videos online. Winners will be emerged through online voting and evaluation by the assessment committee.

Team leaders and participants will each receive a Certificate of Participation and a limited edition 1st Wushu Stars Championships 2020 – Online T-Shirt!

Click the links below for more information.

1. Rules & Regulations (English Version) / 规程 (中文版)

2. Competition Events (English Version) / 竞赛项目 (中文版)

3. Waiver of Liabilities / 免责声明书

4. T-Shirt Size Chart / T恤尺码表

5. Video Samples & Requirements / 参考视频与视频要求

Registration Package

1. Registration Guide – kindly read before registering

2. Registration Form – for registration via email

3. Waiver of Liabilities – for registration via email

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