2nd Wushu Stars Championships 2022 – Online

Two years ago, when the battle against COVID-19 started, our lives were disrupted and adjustments had to be made as we adapted to the “new normal”. Despite the challenges faced, our passion for the sport remains unwavered. Hence, the 1st Wushu Stars Championships 2020 – Online was organised to promote continued participation in the sport.

More than 500 participants across 21 countries took part in the online competition, submitting a total of 800 videos. During the competition period, 101,000 visitors contributed more than 435,000 views to our Wushu Stars website. Thank you all for the active participation and overwhelming support!

With the improvement of the global COVID-19 status, we hope to bring the sport and vibrancy back to the international Wushu scene by organising the 2nd edition of the Wushu Stars Championships – Online, with the theme “Making a Comeback”!

This year, the 2nd Wushu Stars Championships 2022 – Online will continue to feature events from both traditional and contemporary Wushu. Organisations and individuals may participate by registering and submitting their videos online. However, unlike the previous edition, there is no online voting, winners will be determined solely through the evaluation by the assessment committee. 


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1. Rules & Regulations (English Version) / 规程 (中文版)

2. Competition Events (English Version) / 竞赛项目 (中文版)

3. Waiver of Liabilities / 免责声明书

4. Video Samples & Requirements / 参考视频与视频要求

5. 2nd Wushu Stars Championships 2022 – Online Official Logo / 《2022年第二届武术之星锦标赛 – 网络版》官方标志

Registration Package

1. Registration Guide – kindly read before registering

2. Registration Form – for registration via email

3. Waiver of Liabilities – for registration via email

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