Waiver of Liabilities / 免责声明书

I, knowingly and without duress, do voluntarily submit my Entry to the 1st Wushu Stars Championships 2020 – Online. The 1st Wushu Stars Championships 2020 – Online is organised by “Wushu Stars”. In consideration of the Organising Committee accepting my application, I hereby assume all risk of physical and mental injuries, disabilities and losses which may result from or in connection with my participation in the 1st Wushu Stars Championships 2020 – Online. Acting for myself, heirs, personal officers, agents, representatives and assignees, I do hereby release the Organising Committee, its officers, agents, representatives, volunteers, judges, referees and other related members from all claims, actions, suits and controversies at law or in equity by reason of any matter, cause or thing whatsoever that I may sustain as a result of or in connection with my participation in the 1st Wushu Stars Championships 2020 – Online. I understand it is my obligation to obtain my own medical coverage.

I agree to abide by and follow the Rules established by the Organising Committee. I agree that I will conduct myself in a professional and courteous manner at all times and to be subject to penalties and sanctions for violations related thereto. I understand that my protest must be conducted in accordance with the Rules. I agree that my performance, attendance and participation at the 1st Wushu Stars Championships 2020 – Online may be filmed or otherwise recorded or released or telecast live. I consent to allow the Organising Committee to use of my name, address, voices, poses, pictures and biographical data concerning full or parts, in any form or language, with or without other material, throughout the world, without limitation, for television, radio, video, theatrical medium picture, or any other medium by any devices now known or hereafter devised and I do hereby waive any compensation in regard thereof as well as any future rights to the aforementioned.

I have read and fully understand the waiver listed above. (Participants under the age of 18 requires parental/guardian consent.)

本人自愿呈交《2020年第一届武术之星锦标赛 – 网络版》报名表格,并充分明白如在参加《2020年第一届武术之星锦标赛 – 网络版》时发生任何意外而导致伤亡、残废,本人承诺将自负责任。《2020年第一届武术之星锦标赛 – 网络版》由《武术之星》主办。本人在此更代表自己、继承人、私人助理、代理人、代表人及指定人士容许《武术之星》和筹委会及其职员、代理人、代表人、雇员、义务人士及一切有关人士等,对于在赛事中出现任何之事故或在法律上的争议,包括一切有关索偿、行动、请求等,在公平公正的原则下,本人自愿承担一切后果。本人更明白持有有效的医疗保险是自己的责任。


本人同意在参加《2020年第一届武术之星锦标赛 – 网络版》时的一切活动包括练习、比赛及各种活动,均有可能被拍摄或录影或电视现场直播等,本人更同意由筹委会或《武术之星》以全部或部分形式、或以任何语言、无论有否包括其它物资,在无任何限制下,使用本人的名、地址、声音、动作、图形及传记资料以电视、电台、录像、媒体图样、或任何媒介设备,或日后有所需要的时候,本人将不做任何追讨及赔偿。